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Engineering in Solidify is about solving problems and improving efficiencies for our clients. By utilising high-tech machines, and putting the minds of innovative engineers to the drawing board, we have helped clients improve efficiencies and reduce manufacturing time. Whether it be the constraints of producing low volume parts, or producing jigs and tools at an affordable costs, or replacing parts that are no longer in production, we just might have the solution for you.
We also have engineers in Solidify who possess the experience in design and manufacturing. Most designers possess good design skills but lack engineering or manufacturing know-how; products or tools are usually designed without consideration for manufacturability. At Solidify, we design so that your end product meets your functional and manufacturing requirements.


    Solidify has the ability to design and to prototype parts. Our industrial grade 3D printers employ additive manufacturing technologies to make prototype parts, as well as advance metal processing machines for metal parts.

    With these 3D printers and metal laser cutters, we have shorten tools making in some instances from 2 weeks to 2 days, especially jigs and fixtures that can be made in plastics.

    We can make real-use replacement parts in ABS, PC, Nylon, Acrylic, PU (and rubber like parts), PP and over 100 different types of plastics. Because of our high-tech industrial grade 3D printers, we can make parts in low quantities without requiring the injection moulding process, hence eliminating the need for expensive steel moulds.
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Solidify is a one-stop engineering and advance manufacturing service bureau that has been established for close to 5 years.

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