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Solidify’s Value Proposition

Solidify is a one-stop engineering and advance manufacturing service bureau that has been established for close to 5 years. From pre-production design and prototyping, to production, or post production spare parts fabrication, we might just have the right solution for you. We have clients from various industrial sectors, such as automotive, heavy transport vehicles, military, oil & gas, medical, and aerospace.

We are especially known for our low volume production capabilities, where clients require parts to be made in the quantity range of tens and hundreds, and not tens of thousands. To address the space of low volume production, we utilize the latest technologies like 3D printers, to highly specialized techniques like vacuum casting, to more well known processes like laser cutters and CNC milling machines. We manufacture parts ranging from all kinds of metals to various kinds of plastics. This is not to say that we do not produce larger volume parts. Solidify today prides itself of being a producer of chassis frames and parts for heavy vehicles. We currently produce 40 sets of double-decker bus chassis per month for a client, with a production team consisting of Production Planning, Engineering, Material Sourcing, Machine Operators, QA/QC, Warehouse.

Unlike most traditional machine shops, we carry the capability to design and to produce prototypes for clients before entering into production. That makes us a compelling one-stop engineering center. And being in Malaysia – a thriving economy and a manufacturing hub in Asia – we can be competitive in price, conscious in maintaining quality, and unyielding in business ethics. We understand that your intellectual property is of utmost importance, therefore we implement a stringent culture and process in protecting your files and materials.

We hope to be given the opportunity to work with you, and to show you that we mean what we say.
Solidify is managed by a team of professionals who carry strong credentials and have had years of corporate experience. The combination of engineering capabilities, with strong corporate management acumen, makes it easier for our clients to communicate effectively with us. This level of professionalism gives our clients a sense of trust, and ensures them that we do our best to understand and meet our clients’ requirements and expectations.

In the local scene, there are many fabrication shops that might have good machine firepower; however, international clients have often found it difficult to communicate with the engineers and management of these machine shops, either due to language gap or a different wavelength in communication and expectations. Solidify is familiar with international clients, and has a strong team - with clear awareness of professional ethics - who can communicate effectively at the right wavelength with corporate clients.

The CEO of Solidify has over 15 years of corporate background formerly in IBM and Citi. The Finance & Business Operations Director of Solidify was formerly  from Sunway Group then Deloitte Consulting. The Head of Engineering as well as the Head of Production were formerly from Western Digital.  Hence we have a strong team of management and engineering personnel, with combined experiences that will make it easy for corporate and international clients to work with.

At Solidify, we implement strict control of document flow, and the sharing of client information within the company on a need to know basis only. This is because we take the matters of intellectual property seriously, and we treat our client’s designs and drawings with care. With a management team consisting of managers who come from corporate environments, and who are therefore familiar and conscious about issues on intellectual property, you can rest assured that the culture of Solidify is shaped to not take this lightly.

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Solidify is a one-stop engineering and advance manufacturing service bureau that has been established for close to 5 years.

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